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 Chinouha Clan [Finished]

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PostSubject: Chinouha Clan [Finished]   Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:27 pm

Name: Chinouha Clan
Village: Kusagakure
Special Traits: Usually intelligent and thoughtful people. Because of their roots in the Lightning Country, usually have Lightning as one of their chakra natures.
Kekkei Genkai:
Tsuibogan [Memory-Cherishing Eye]
The Tsuibogan is the bloodline Doujutsu of the Chinouha Clan. It boosts the brains preformance, allowing it to process information much faster than it usually would and captures every image without faillure, resulting in in a perfect, photographic memory of everything the clanmember saw with the Doujutsu activated. Unlike some other Doujutsu, the Tsuibogan slowly develops as the user ages rather than activate as a result of stress. Clanmembers usually obtain the lingering stage around the age of 10. When the full stage is unlocked can greatly vary, but training has proven to allow clanmembers to unlock it sooner. The Tsuibogan knows 3 stages:

Dorment Stage
A Chinouha Clanmembers eye is referred to as "dorment" when its Tsuibogan has not yet been developed or is not activated. Clanmembers who have already unlocked their Tsuibogan but are simply keeping it deactivated can still acces their stored memories during this stage. They cannot capture anything they see, however. A deactivated Tsuibogan offers no bonusses.

Lingering Stage
A Chinouha Clanmembers eye is referred to as "lingering" when its Tsuibogan is on the brimse of being activated, yet does not fully function. This stage is usually seen at Genin clanmembers who are about to unlock their Tsuibogan, but more experienced clanmembers can also fall back to this stage if they run out of chakra or suffer from harsh, physical conditions. A lingering Tsuibogan grants only a fraction of the abilities a regular Tsuibogan does. Rather than a photographic, it only grants the user an improved memory, and rather than greatly boosted brain functions, it only allows the clanmember to think slightly quicker than usual. Some Kekkai Genkai Jutsu can still be preformed while in this stage.

Active Stage
A Chinouha Clanmembers eye is referred to as "active" when its Tsuibogan is fully activated and functioning at 100%. In this stage, the clanmember is capable of preforming various unique techniques and is granted a photographic memory. In addition, his brain functions are boosted to cope with the extra work a photographic memory requires, allowing the clanmember to think a lot quicker than he usually would. The eyes most feared ability in this stage is its ability to predict the enemies movement. As the clanmember watches his opponent with the Tsuibogan, he stores every movement and becomes familiar with it, allowing him to calculate the most likely moves of his opponent and act accordingly. The longer the clanmember gets to watch his opponent, the better he will be able to predict his movement. Though not as accurate as the Sharingan, a Tsuibogan can achieve near-perfect anticipation in long battles. Note that a clanmember can acces old memories when fighting the same opponent twice, instantly allowing him to anticipate his enemy as well as he did at the end of the previous fight. Also note that if the enemy has trained and changed in the meantime, the Tsuibogans anticipation will have many flaws in it.

Secret Clan Jutsu:
The history of the Chinouha Clan starts shortly after the forming of the hidden villages. The Shodaime kages are still controlling the villages and random clans and groups from throughout the lands are flocking towards the villages that represent their country. So did a man named Chinouha Jinmaru travel from the Northeast Lightning Country to Kumogakure, located somewhat Southwest of the rather barren country. Not a shinobi, but a scientist, the man reckoned his impressive brains would prove very useful in the development of ninja tools and medicins. Kumogakure agreed on letting him work for them on trial to see if he was really that valuable.

He did. Jinmaru showed he was capable of developing impressive things. So did he, for an example, create a pill that would later be perfected and become the infamous soldier pill. He also proved to have quite an eye regarding Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, helping skilled ninjas to perfect their techniques despite not being one himself. The absolute peak of his succes however was only reached when a strange mutation started to form inside his left eye and collored it yellow. For a by that time unknown reason, his IQ soared and allowed him to do great things. He became one of Kumogakures most valued researchers as well as the head of the data processing team. Eventually, Jinmaru was even invited into the villages council. This created mixed feelings however and became the beginning of the end.

Jinmaru agreed on entering the council and, with his strange thinking capabilities, helped Kumogakure thrive. By that time, teams of medical shinobi had confirmed the link between his intelligence and his strange mutation, which by that time had also infected his right eye. Rumor had it that Jinmaru possessed a new bloodline, one that boosted ones brain to gain photographic memory and a quick mind. This rumor alongside his succes triggered a lot of jealousy amid his fellow councilmen. Secretly, an assassination squad was sent to his residence to rid of him. Strangely enough however, when they moved in to kill him, he used shinobi-like skills and anticipation to dodge their attacks and escape. Knowing the village hidden in the clouds was no longer a safehaven for a person like him, Jinmaru stayed away from the village and instead headed into the country. He wandered the lands untill he bumped into a fresh, minor village, currently known as Kusagakure.

The minor shinobi village accepted the mastermind with open arms. He was allowed to do everything he previously did in Kumogakure under the protection of the ANBU to make sure his past would not repeat itself. Meanwhile however, his presence was kept secret to Kumogakure itself to prevent a potential conflict. Jinmaru aged, married, had children, and died in this village. His name lived on however, as the new generation of Chinouha seemed to posses an ability similair to their ancestors mutation and cleverly utilized it in combat.

Over years, the mutation refined itself and grew into a Doujutsu labeled as the "Tsuibogan". Using chakra to control their cells behavour, the Chinouha became very skilled at controlling and using the mutation, to the point where they actually became capable of activating and deactivating its effect. Overall, the Chinouha are still clever people, like their ancestor. Many of them are therefor also part-tile researchers, scientists, or senseis. Most of all however, they are powerful shinobi with a speciality of long battles and data gathering.

Clan Symbol:

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PostSubject: Re: Chinouha Clan [Finished]   Fri Dec 04, 2009 12:37 am

I must congratulate you - this is a pretty darn good application. There is only one thing I'm going to ask of you - a little more history. Two paragraphs is indeed the minimum, but the second paragraph is a little lacking. It's nit picking, I know - but I'm a stickler for detail.

After that, I don't see why this cannot be approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Chinouha Clan [Finished]   Fri Dec 04, 2009 1:50 pm

I made a new history. I hope this one seems more juicy to you.
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Age : 30
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PostSubject: Re: Chinouha Clan [Finished]   Sun Dec 06, 2009 9:39 pm

Much better, thank you. Approved!

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PostSubject: Re: Chinouha Clan [Finished]   

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Chinouha Clan [Finished]
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