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 Academy Rules

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PostSubject: Academy Rules   Sat Oct 17, 2009 10:46 pm

As the present rules needed an update, I have provided that. Please obey the following rules concerning the academy and you should be perfectly fine. I hope you enjoy your experience and get the most out of it that you can while learning to RP.

Rule I. Post timely. If others have to wait for you to post, it becomes troublesome and annoying to those involved and you wouldn't appreciate it being done to you. Try to keep up with your posts as best you can.

Rule II. Obey the site rules. Most of the site rules cover situations that arise in the academy, so those should be read before you enter into the academy in the first place. Once you know them, follow them as best you can.

Rule III. When asked to edit a post, do so. The teachers here are only trying to help you be a better Role Player and even more experienced players do have to edit at times. When asked to do edit, do so also in a timely manner similar to posting.

Rule IV. Respect your teachers, both in and out of RP. The teacher's work hard to help you, and their posts are usually time consuming, time they don't have to spend here, but they choose to. Respect their character, as an extension of the person, and respect the person as well.

Rule V. This is all off-RPG, meaning anything that you do here does not actually happen in the real world outside of it. Though you could build friendships here with others, you will need to reestablish those outside of the academy later. This is both to aid you so that in case of death it won't affect you, and also because of the individual characters of the teachers which might not show up in villages in real RP.

Rule VI. Each teacher has their own style and rules, obey their personal rules as well which will be directly stated, usually in the first post.

Rule VII. If you don't understand, ask. The teachers here cannot help you are not willing to accept help and ask them for it. If you don't know why you can't do a certain action, feel free to PM and ask about it, but maintain the respect you should have for your teacher regardless of whether or not you don't think thats a good reason. The teachers are experienced Role Players, they know what they're doing.

Rule VIII. You do not need to be an Academy Student to take a class. You may take a class, assuming spots are available for you to do so, regardless of your rank. Maybe you just want to learn a little bit more about RP, and you can do that here.

Rule IX. Please PM your teacher before joining any class that is open. Once you have their permission, you may join. Also, only approved characters may join the academy and its classes, otherwise, please do not post here.
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Academy Rules
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