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 Metaru Clan (External Mod)

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PostSubject: Metaru Clan (External Mod)   Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:39 pm

Jiro wrote:
Name: The Metaru Clan

Village: Ame and to lesser extent Iron

Special Traits:

Wealthy: This does not mean much in a life or death struggle but its give the clan more clout then it otherwise would and ensures its members are well equipped for the task at hand

Contacts in Iron: Some its members travelled to Iron instead of Grass and set up shop there. With the financial support of the clan leadership in Grass they have become successful mine and forge owners with considerable influence in the country. The Metaru Clan are well informed about movements there, are treated warmly and have access to the quality goods the Iron Country provides.

Finally all Metaru Clan members who have ESMM tend to resemble in personality the metal which they manipulate. The often come across as pitiless, remorseless and unyielding, especially in battle. They a hard men and women all, prone to showing few emotions and tend to be dedicated to their roles. This is because strong magnetic influences on the limbic system in the brain serve to numb their emotional responses causing them to appear less ethical, even heartless and often cold to a causal observer. Ironically most Metaru Clan members are innately kind individuals but like the Aburames of Konoha they struggle to show their true nature behind the hard countenance. This should not be confused with arrogance which is a trait which is ironically very rare, an odd thing given their small size in comparison to their wealth and influence

Kekkei Genkai: ESMM (aka) Iron Sand – Iron Sand users possesses the ability of Electro Static Magnetic Manipulation or more commonly dubbed as the Iron Sand Kekkai Genkai in honour it’s of most famous technique. What this means is a user is able to produce an adaptable magnetic resonance simply through charka manipulation and concentration or in short he can warp, twist and otherwise manipulate metal in ways other people can only dream of. The affect of this Kekkai Genkai is myriad providing Hiero with a number of unusual traits and access to a considerable amount of unique linked Jutsu. Unless stated the traits cost no chakra in themselves to maintain. In reality Iron Sand places a substantial drain on the Iron Sand users however much like a Nin who trains every day with weights the constant strain on the system leads to Iron Sand users building up particularly potent reserves. This serves to negate the drain of using its passive abilities but does not serve to give Iron Sand Users more Chakra to freely use. Most of the Jutsu require no hand seals to perform, the metal moving by force of will rather then as a result of complicated seal usage. Most offensive moves cost additional chakra and require the user to move an outstretched arm in the manner and direction he wishes the technique to move (not dissimilar to Gaara’s sand or Magneto). Techniques require not only great concentration but they tend to use up one hand meaning all but the most basic Jutsu that can be performed with one handed seals or none can be used concurrently. Most users for this reason will never perform a Jutsu at same time as actively using ESMM

Those with this ability are noted for having pupiless iris the colour of liquid silver. This is a purely aesthetic difference and has no effect on their vision. It is believe to by cause by mild but non harmful absorption of metal over a sustained period into the blood stream. It usually starts developing around puberty with a silver sheen and slowly but surely the silver with become more opaque till the original colour and iris completely disappear. Hiero, ESMM most famous user, considers this more of a disadvantage then a advantage since those familiar with the colouring can instantly recognise them as members of the Metaru clan and he frequently henges his eyes as a result.

Name: Magnetic Aura
Rank: N/A
Type: Passive Trait (Active at all times)
Element: N/A
Description: All Iron Sand users exhibit a spherical magnetic aura with the user at the centre, the size and strength of which is directly comparable to the strength (Rank) of the user. Any magnetic Jutsu that goes beyond this aura counts as a rank up to reflect the difficulty to control metal outside the aura.
C Rank – 10 m radius
B Rank – 20 m radius
A Rank – 35 m radius
S Rank – 50 m radius

Name: Metal Sense
Rank: D
Type: Passive Trait (Active at all times)
Element: N/A
Description: Within their magnetic aura an Iron sand user can sense all metal objects from swords to bobby pins, feeling them react to the aura they project. The object needn’t be in plain sight to be felt.

Secret Clan Jutsu:


History: The Metaru Clan is a very recent arrival to Grass in the scheme of things. Iron Sand user was its first officially recognised clan Leader. The Metaru were original a family of civilian Blacksmiths who lived in villages along the on the Iwa and Grass border. Technically they were part of Iwa but at this point in time few villages truly controlled as much land as they claimed on map and the Iwa Nin did not patrol this far nor too did Ame forces. Caught in a no mans land between the two factions the region embroiled several bloody wars and frequently taken advantage of by raiders and slavers. The Metaru were one of many families who choose to emigrate to safer lands. Over the generations they had developed a deep distrust of both Iwa and Grass under whom they had suffered great hardship and so the Metaru were one of a few families to travel to the Rain Country. Being weapon smiths of some skill the Metaru’s travelled all the way to Ame village where they would be ensured a good demand for their goods and services, though many travelled on to Iron to take advantage of countries famous ore reserves

For many years the remained humble blacksmiths and traders till Iron Sand user’s strange behaviour was finally revealed to be a new Kekkai Genkai. The prominence of the family grew with Iron Sand user till eventually it was offered a clan seat on the council. Ever since the Metaru Clan have come a prominent element of Ame society and is wealthy beyond measure thanks to its ties to iron, its extensive trade contracts, mining rights and the iron sand users ability to mine precious metal with astonishing ease. That said they are relatively small and many considered their increasingly influential clan to be nothing more then jumped up newcomers though few day say so openly. Compared to the greater clans of Ame they are still very small indeed and have only a 50 or so members including children and the elderly

The Metaru clan is somewhat feared in Ame as a result of the actions of most infamous member, Hiero Metaru. Few have forgotten his actions in dealing with the those have defied the Kage, how he brought down a building 40 stories tall to kill just 10 rebels without a blink of an eye. The natural affinty for metal worries many who live in the shadow of Ames towering metal towers. The Metaru are often considered as cold and unbending as the material manipulate.

Clan Symbol:


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Metaru Clan (External Mod)
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