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 Kujaku Clan

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Name: Laharl Kujaku
Rank: Genin
Village: Grass

PostSubject: Kujaku Clan   Mon Nov 16, 2009 5:45 pm

Kira wrote:
Name: Kujaku
Village: Star
Special Traits:

Glorious Peacock Chakra:
All Kujaku clan members are subject to training in their home village near an alien metorite that forcefully draws out the body's natural chakra reserves and then expands the body's capacity for chakra. The chakra takes on a purple color and resembles a flame in its movements and actions. The chakra is easily moved outside of the body and takes the natural form of tendril like formations from the base of the user's spine.

Typically these tendrils of chakra resemble peacock feathers, though other forms could exist and do exist depending on the user and their chakra's natural formation when moved out of the body in its tainted form. The chakra retains all the properties of chakra, excluding its ability to interact in its natural form with solid objects which natural chakra does not possess the ability to do.

All Kujaku clan members have a chakra increase of triple a normal ninja's chakra level for their age and rank. They also loss little chakra when using clan techniques. Inversely, a Kujaku clan member's chakra is of little use for internal jutsu, hence, they are unable to use any jutsu that does not have an external form as its primary function. (Ex. Most elemental jutsu create an external effect, creating something in the world, while many medical jutsu work within the body or another's body, and are impossible for a Kujaku clan member to use.)

They are also hindered in their use of Genjutsu, any chakra directed out of their body is visible when attempting to use Genjutsu. This creates a problem, since most Genjutsu users find it a hindrance that they cannot use their techniques unseen. The Genjutsu still functions, however, once it contacts an opponent.

In a similar manner, all chakra that a clan member uses in jutsu is visible, all jutsu glow with a purple colored aura, or are purple. This doesn't affect the jutsu's effect, just its coloration, a purple fireball would still be as potentially destructive as a normal fireball. Earth, plants, or other non-organic substances that are currently housing a clan member's chakra glow purple, making it difficult to conceal and hide trap jutsu.

Short Life:
All Kujaku clan members, due to their bodies unnatural chakra expansion and alteration, have a shortened life span. They typically do not live past their thirties, a rare person might live into their fifties if they halted their training and exposure to the metorite. Each use of jutsu with the tainted chakra speeds this along, making active ninja extremely unlikely to live into their thirties, often dying in their twenties.

Chakra Marks:
Due to exposure to the alien metorite, various purple markings appear on the flesh like tattoos and reveals their unnatural nature. The marks are readily identifiable by Hyuuga or others able to sense chakra from a distance, they radiate with chakra, though this does not allow for the average ninja to detect it. These marks appear much more frequently and visibly on ninja who use their clan jutsu more often or are physically weak.

These marks appear to have a damaging effect on the ninja's body, disabling the use of Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, or Weaponry techniques since the body is incapable of making the neccessary movements needed in the majority of their jutsu.

Kekkei Genkai: None
Secret Clan Jutsu:

Name: Peacock Art, Chakra Release
Rank: D
Type: None
Element: None
Description: A clan member's purple chakra is pushed out of the body and takes a visible form. The form it takes is different for each user, though it is commonly a peacock tail with multiple feathers. Feathers are added according to rank, starting off with three feathers at D Rank, and increasing by two feather per rank, with a maximum of eleven feathers. If the chakra takes a form that is not feathers, then replace all instances of 'feather' with the appropriate word in all clan jutsu including this jutsu.

Name: Peacock Art, Meditative Stance
Rank: D
Type: None
Element: None
Description: Using a form of meditation used to gain their initial powers, a clan member can close their eyes, sit down, and relax their bodies in order to increase chakra output to optimal levels. All clan jutsu are reduced to a chakra cost one rank lower than their true rank, but this jutsu cannot reduce the highest rank of jutsu available (Ex.A Genin cannot reduce C Rank jutsu costs to D Rank until they are Chunnin.) While in this stance, the user is in a state of unconsciousness and it takes one post to return to normal, in which the user cannot be under immediate threat. The stance cannot be exited, for example, when someone threatens to deal bodily harm to the user in their post, they would take the damage and then exit their stance.

Name: Peacock Art, Chakra Ropes
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Description: A clan member creates strings of chakra from their hands (about a half inch in diameter in thickness), of the typical purple color, that are able to be used as normal string, typically to tie and bind an opponent. The strings are immune to the standard 'Rope Escape' jutsu and are unable to be cut or damage by standard ninja weaponry, nor can they be burst with physical strength. Most jutsu are unable to break the strings, since they are pure chakra and lack the weaknesses inherit in normal rope or strings. Destroying, eating, re-channeling, or otherwise interrupting the chakra destroys the strings, but the chakra in the strings is stagnant so jutsu that rely on chakra flow do not function.
The strings will break at the command of a clan member, and only at the command of a clan member (as in, no other ninja's command will break them.) The strings take a fair amount of time to properly wrap around an opponent, so they cannot be used on an active and conscious opponent unless they are willing. This is the most common way of removing the strings.
Enough rope is created from this jutsu to bind one individual, around 8-10ft of rope. The usual method of tying is using three bands of rope. The rope does not knot, it simply fuses into the other end of itself and then remains.

Name: Peacock Art, Chakra Attack
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Description: A clan member directs their chakra to attack an opponent (after using Peacock Art, Chakra Release), extending out to attack a target(s) in whatever attack is directed and is naturally possible (ex. the typical peacock feathers would be used to slam, slap, or slash at opponents but could not be used to bite since they lack a mouth, or claw since they lack talons.) Each feather can extend out 5ft. from the user at D Rank, with 5ft. added per rank beyond that, maxing at 25ft. The chakra attacks at high speed, making it virtually impossible to dodge within 2ft of the user at D Rank, with 1ft added per rank, maxing at 6ft. Attacks beyond this range are still fast, but are able to be dodged by a nimble opponent.

The chakra strikes with the strength of a tree trunk being swung, making it capable of knocking back opponents and destroying environmental hindrances with ease. Direct attacks against the chakra sever the feather(s) attacked, though they can be recreated with another use of Peacock Art, Chakra Release.

Name: Peacock Art, Chakra Defense
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Description: A clan member directs their chakra to defend themselves and solidify into a harder and more durable form (this jutsu can only be used after Peacock Art, Chakra Release.) The chakra feathers change hardness so they are able to block attacks without being broken or destroyed, acting as wholely solid objects. The defensive power is able to negate attacks that are one rank lower than the user, attacks at the same rank or higher are only partially hindered by the defense and continue on towards the target.

Name: Peacock Art, Chakra Wings
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Description: A clan member changes the form of their typical chakra feathers into wings that enable flight. The wings are differing in appearance according to the user, but they all are able to be used for flight, and all must be around the same size as the user or larger. If directly attacked by jutsu, the wings 'break' and return to the user's body.

Name: Peacock Art, Chakra Predation
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Description: A secret clan technique that is infamous in certain clans where it is highly effective. A clan member directs their chakra to develop animal-like facial features and then devour a jutsu or any other object, attack, etc. that produces pure chakra. Weapons that created effects without elemental features are treated as pure chakra, as are all jutsu that have no element and have a physical form (excluding jutsu that could not be eaten logically.) The user's chakra devours the chakra and the user then gains a single, temporary, feather added to their natural amount. This also negates the effect of the jutsu consumed.

Name: Peacock Art, Chakra Beast
Rank: B-S
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Description: A secret clan technique that changes the form of a clan member's chakra into one of a specified animal or creature (this jutsu can only be used after Peacock Art, Chakra Release.) The created creature is attached to the user as their normal chakra is but the creature is able to act independently of its creator, requiring no jutsu to manipulate. The creature can attack opponents and is immune to attacks one rank lower than the rank of this jutsu. The creature can only distance itself from its creator as far as their natural feathers would be able to extend.


On an unknown date some period in the past, a metorite struck the earth in a small village that aroused the villagers interest. One of the villagers, the leader of the village, plucked the meteor from the crater it created in one of the nearby mountains and stated that the matter would be investigated in the morning, since the occurence was at night, and kept the stone near his bed as he slept.

When he awoke in the morning, he felt a strength he had not felt before, and his chakra felt more powerful and more plentiful than ever before. He described these feelings to his villagers in the morning and stated that he believed it to be an effect of the meteorite he had slept near. The village had a few ninja in it and though they had ninja, the village had no military power and was treated as a lesser village.

These ninja asked that they be allowed to use the meteorite to increase their own powers and thus bring fame and repsect to the village. The decision was agreed upon and the meteorite was housed in a portion of the village leader's home, in a small house where it was given great respect and honor. The ninja trained around it, slept around it, ate around it, and lived in the same house as it.

After a few years, the original village leader began to suffer the side-effects of the meteorites power, growing sickly and discovering markings on his body and finding his chakra unable to be used for even the most remedial jutsu without turning purple in color. He resolved to banish any further use of the meteorite and wrote a decree on that matter that he handed down to his servant to deliver to the people as he slept.

The servant, however, was unfaithful and spoke to the village ninja who were gaining strength from the meteorite. They were appalled and paid the servant to take them to the leader's home where they beheaded and slew him. After this event they took control of the village, stating that the former leader had died and willed the village to the capable village ninja. Every young person in the village was to train with the meteorite and gain its powers, so that they would gain military respect and power.

To this date, the crime remains unknown and the meteorite is regularly used by all those in the village deemed strong enough to endure its effects. The side-effects are well-known by the first users who are presently in their own penalty phase and are suffering on their way to their deaths. They remain tight-lipped however on the effects, making sure all others in the village are ignorant of them.

Clan Symbol: None


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Kujaku Clan
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