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 Manin Clan (Spiritual Mod)

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PostSubject: Manin Clan (Spiritual Mod)   Sun Nov 15, 2009 4:12 pm

Ðяæmslayər wrote:

Name: Manin
Village: Fire, Grass, Rain, Wind,
Special Traits: Brightly Colored Hair, Generally almost White with hints of Violet, Blue, or Green. Eye Color is Similar. Distinguishing chakra Sensor mark on Face.
Kekkei Genkai:

Genin: 1st phase Activated automatically, no manual. C+ Jutsu Used. 2nd Phase Locked.

Chuunin: 1st Phase Activated Automatically, No Manual, B+ Jutsu Used. 2nd Phase Unlocked.

Jounin+: As written.

1st Phase - The Sensor will glow a light blue color upon activation, this can be manually activated or automatically activated if there is a large amount of Chakra being used. The 1st phase will sense any Chakra usage in the area when activated within a 35 meter zone. This makes it easy to tell if someone is preparing to attack him or the like. The Automatic version works if a lot of Chakra is around him (10 meters) and will inform him immediately (B-A ranked Jutsu). This phase can be deactivated Manually. Note that with Minuscule amounts of chakra [such as E rank] Sensing it would be much harder to notice; it would be almost complete attention on the sensing ability to see something as simple as a Clone if possible at all. [Depends on Chakra-Control], if too much Chakra is used in the Area, there is a potential for a Sense Overload, there would need to be a lot of Charka however.

2nd Phase - The sensor will glow a brighter blue color and expand, taking new shape as it forms around his left eye and ear, it will also grow down to his chin, but not around his mouth. The seal will become more jagged instead of a smooth flowing symbol as well. This phase is activated automatically when a certain nerve is activated in the brain. The nerve is the danger nerve or adrenaline complex, if Balmung is experiencing high amounts of adrenaline then it will activate, there is no manual turn on. Once this is activated, Balmung can see Chakra, but only with his right eye, he can also hear Chakra with his right ear, this makes it easier to protect himself in time for an attack. The field of vision is normal, and the hearing from his left ear is lessened, making him have to rely on his right ear more.

Secret Clan Jutsu: N/A

Clan Information:
-Population- The clan is classified under category E, having very few members ranging only from 20 at all time lows and 160's at all time highs, the current population is about 70 members.

-Profession- Traders, Hunters, Mercenary's, Ninja, farmers and smiths.

-Clan Founder- Kublis Manin [Original] Jin Manin [Proclaimed]

-Clan Training- A Character would learn Jutsu during their Academy stages, and would be told to practice them until they reached Genin rank. Once they have Achieved Genin rank, they may come to a village in which an Elder of the Clan is, and learn from them, when Chuunin or Jounin rank, they go to Kiore, the most powerful ninja in the clan, and learns from her for 2 months, they accumulate many jutsu in this time.

-Clan Politics- The clan has a very Traditional political structure, the oldest of the clan are the leaders, the younger the members the usually less power and less trust in them. They are Tradionalists and attempt to maintain how it always has been.

-Relationship to the Player's Character- Balmung is very close to his clan, his role is a minor Guard duty when he is not in Konoha or doing missions.

-Clan Who's Who-

Jin Manin -> Moved the Clan outside of Konoha to avoid future problems with people inside the village.

Kajiya Manin -> An important Black smith who has made Azure Plate Mail, a very light verision of plate mail with leather connecting parts so that it is silent when walking. It has a bluish color to it, and is known to be light but protective to an extent.

Jiyran Manin -> Kajiya's Partner, forged the 4 Great blades of the Clan. He also developed the Basic Blade of the clan, called the "Oath's Blade"

The Manin clan is a very old clan, one of the oldest in Known existence. They were closely allied with Fire Country in most of the Major battles and wars in the Great Shinobi lands, no one to this day knows how the clan really began. There are myths that Manin clan members were the sons and daughters of gods. They began near Mountain Country, which is why the myth began as such. They quickly moved away from those lands however and settled on the Border of Wind Country and Fire Country. It was unmarked territory, most of the clan resides there. Some 100 Members or so, no more.

They created a village there, the Village of the Sun; a combination of Fire and Wind. It was a neutral village, some members went to Wind country, and some went to Fire. When the 1st Ninja war erupted, they sided with Fire and Wind countries, the second, they did not choose a side since Fire and Wind were warring against each other. The Nations wouldn't allow this, the Villagers noticed that the village was near the border of Grass Country, and decided that's who they were allied to.

The clan was well known for their Kekkai Genkai and brightly colored hair, they were one of the strongest clans and many villages wanted them. The clan became separated rather quickly due to this, sons left home seeking adventure and power, fathers left their wives and children, to become strong only to not return. The few remaining members of the village of the sun were devote family. They would not allow the clan members to leave, only to grass where they would be trained as a ninja and returned to the village or else.

Clan Symbol:



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Manin Clan (Spiritual Mod)
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