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 Puppetry (Kujutsu) Rules/Template

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PostSubject: Puppetry (Kujutsu) Rules/Template   Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:45 pm

Kugutsu, Puppetry, is the art of using chakra strings to manipulate a puppet, typically made of wood, in order to combat other ninja. The variety of puppets, they're different strengths and weaknesses, and the power and skill involved make Kugutsu a viable option for many ninja. Certain rules apply, however, to puppets, such as how many may be owned by a ninja, how many are allowed to be deployed at one point, what kind of materials are allowed, and what kind of weapons or jutsu the puppet can use. The below should answer your questions. First of, the number of puppets you can have...

Rank of User: The rank of the puppeteer
Total Puppets: Number of puppets the user can carry on their person.
Maximum Deployed: The maximum number of puppets that can be used at once.

Rank of UserTotal PuppetsMaximum Deployed

Worried about the number of puppets of high ranks allowed out at any one time? The below was devised to remedy concerns about that. The rank of puppet affects how many strings the puppet takes to control, according to the chart below. A Kugutsu user has a number of chakra strings at their use according to the below:

D Rank: 5 (One string per finger, one hand only)
C Rank: 10 (One string per finger, both hands)
B Rank: 20 (Two strings per finger, both hands)
A Rank: 30 (Three strings per finger, both hands)
S Rank: 50 (Five strings per finger, both hands)

And the following chart represents how complex each puppet is to control. Please note that you must use that number of strings, you cannot use more to better control a simple puppet, nor can you use less to have lesser control of a puppet. If a single string is severed, you lose control of the whole puppet. Kugutsu is a very delicate art...

Rank of Puppet: The rank of the puppet
Strings Used: How many strings the puppet takes to control

Rank of PuppetStrings Used

Now that you understand how many puppets, and how powerful of a puppet, can be used at any one time, now we can move onto the actual puppet. The most basic thing about a puppet is the material it is made out of, most of the time this is wood, but other materials exist out of which to construct a puppet. This increase in rank DOES NOT increase the number of chakra strings the puppet takes to control, so a B rank metal puppet still has only 5 strings.

Any material that would provide a resistance or strength that is tougher than wood automatically increases the puppets rank by one, a C Rank wooden puppet, if made of stone, would now be a B Rank puppet. Any puppet made out of metal is automatically two ranks higher. Special materials will be judged on a case by case basis, human puppets are forbidden without Admin permission.

The weapons you install on your puppet are also very important, they're what makes your puppet a weapon and able to defeat opponents. A puppet can have many weapons hidden within itself, but no puppet may have more weapons installed than the number of strings needed to utilize it. Typically, one string is assigned to a weapon, though more complex weapons take more strings to utilize.

The below template is for weapons installed in a puppet, later on we will cover other parts of the puppet that are not weapons. Weapons are installed in the puppet's parts, so a Blade Arm is not a weapon, the actual blade is. The puppet template will have places for you to assign your weapons, right now, worry about making them.

Name: (The name of your weapon)
Rank: (The rank of your weapon)
Strings: (How many strings the weapon takes to operate)
Description: (What the weapon does, where it is typically installed, and if the weapon has any side effects, elemental properties, poisons, etc.)

[b]Name:[/b] (The name of your weapon)
[b]Rank:[/b] (The rank of your weapon)
[b]Strings:[/b] (How many strings the weapon takes to operate)
[b]Description:[/b] (What the weapon does, where it is typically installed, and if the weapon has any side effects, elemental properties, poisons, etc.)

Alright, you've got some pretty cool weapons lined out now? A nice pair of blades, some poison, some spikes here and there, maybe some projectile weapons, all ready to go? Now you need to move on to the actual body parts of the puppet. Now, the number of strings a puppet takes to control also features heavily into the parts that make it up. Each part of your puppet can only hold one weapon, but how do you define a part? Here's a breakdown of a humanoid puppet and its parts:

Eyes (1)
Head (2)
Mouth (3)
Ears (4)
Neck (5)
Left Breast (6)
Right Breast (7)
Abdomen (Cool
Left Shoulder (9)
Right Shoulder (10)
Left Arm (11)
Right Arm (12)
Left Hand (13)
Right Hand (14)
Left Palm (15)
Right Palm (16)
Left Leg (17)
Right Leg (18)
Left Foot (19)
Right Foot (20)
Left Back (21)
Right Back (22)
Center Back (23)
Lower Back (24)
Groin (25)

That's quite a few places to stash weapons, the total is 25, the same number of strings allowed in an S Rank puppet. Which means at max, a puppet could have 25, 1 string, weapons attached to it. Certain puppets may have different body shapes, and they may have less spots available then a humanoid puppet, but they can never have more than 25 spots.

Finally, we have the part you've all been waiting for, the real puppet template!

Name: (Your puppets name)
Material: (The material your puppet is constructed from, default, wood.)
Appearance: (What your puppet looks like)
Spots Available: (By default they are these in a humanoid puppet...)
Eyes (1) (Weapon assigned...)
Head (2) (Weapon assigned...)
Mouth (3) (Weapon assigned...)
Ears (4) (Weapon assigned...)
Neck (5) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Breast (6) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Breast (7) (Weapon assigned...)
Abdomen (Cool (Weapon assigned...)
Left Shoulder (9) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Shoulder (10) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Arm (11) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Arm (12) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Hand (13) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Hand (14) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Palm (15) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Palm (16) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Leg (17) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Leg (18) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Foot (19) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Foot (20) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Back (21) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Back (22) (Weapon assigned...)
Center Back (23) (Weapon assigned...)
Lower Back (24) (Weapon assigned...)
Groin (25) (Weapon assigned...)
History: (How you obtained the puppet.)


[b]Name:[/b] (Your puppets name)
[b]Material:[/b] (The material your puppet is constructed from, default, wood.)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (What your puppet looks like)
[b]Spots Available:[/b] (By default they are these in a humanoid puppet...)
[b]Eyes (1)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Head (2)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Mouth (3)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Ears (4)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Neck (5)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Breast (6)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Breast (7)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Abdomen (8)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Shoulder (9)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Shoulder (10)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Arm (11)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Arm (12)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Hand (13)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Hand (14)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Palm (15)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Palm (16)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Leg (17)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Leg (18)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Foot (19)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Foot (20)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Back (21)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Back (22)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Center Back (23)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Lower Back (24)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Groin (25)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]History:[/b] (How you obtained the puppet.)

Don't be too intimidated by the template's size, you don't need to, nor can you often, install a weapon in every single spot on your puppet. The site looks forward to seeing promising puppeteers, good luck.


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Puppetry (Kujutsu) Rules/Template
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