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 Academy System

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PostSubject: Academy System   Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:53 pm

Those of you within the Academy will probably be curious to know how exactly you graduate from the Academy and become ninja, correct? So, here is how the system works, you choose three of the available classes (one of which must be from the Core Trio) and participate in them. When the class is ended, the teacher will post your grade, based on various factors, and this will be a number of marks bettween 1-5, 5 being the greatest, 1 being the least. You will need at least 8 marks to graduate.

Once you have completed three courses, and earned at least 8 marks, you will be given the final test. The final test is a secret test that you will endure in a hidden forum of the site that only graduates may see. Should you divulge the secret test's answer, you will be demoted to an Academy Student and be required to pass every course with 5 marks in each along with a c-box ban until you've done so. It's very serious, don't divulge the secret.

The classes available are below (these are subject to change and the teachers, as of the date of writing, are not yet determined):

Core Trio

Combat Effectiveness Class
This class covers being an effective fighter, using your skills, wit, weapons, and jutsu to their best effect without any needless waste. This class has varying rules according to who is in it, if the class members are all skilled in Taijutsu, the course will focus on Taijutsu for example.
Teacher: None

Chakra Concept Class:
This class is based on the understanding of chakra, how it works, how it is used, the varying types of chakra, how these function in the ninja, and the known common applications of chakra. This class will help you better understand the most fundamental force in the ninja world.
Teacher: None

Grammar/Spelling Class:
I can hear the groans already, but it is a very important skill that you are required to learn about in order to be a great RPer. The better you write, the better you are able to convey ideas, and the better you are at everything on the site that is done in RP.
Teacher: None


Social Role-Playing Class:
A class designed to help you make the transition from the battle field to the village parks, the beaches of the islands, and the cool grass. Those ninja who wish to be assassins or want to be in any sort of social standing should take this course. The class also helps increase your awareness of your environment and description in posts.
Teacher: None

Logic Application Class
A class based on the use of logic and IC knowledge to determine things in the battlefield, such as the weaknesses of attacks or opponents. This class will increase your knowledge of different opponents and allow you to be a more powerful ninja. This class will also aid you in resisting the urge to pick up meta-gaming.
Teacher: None


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Academy System
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